Contemporary Dance has grown to be a popular and dominant performance style among dancers worldwide. Contemporary is based fundamentally on the basic principles of modern technique, while incorporating elements of classical ballet and jazz. With a specific focus on expression, contemporary dance uses time, space, energy, musicality and dynamics to experiment with movement in a unique way. Contemporary is a constantly evolving art form that explores the total movement potential of the body. Classes aim to develop strength, flexibility and overall technique with a focus on floor work, use of the torso, spatial awareness, choreography, improv, and individual expression.


Modern Dance goes beyond the formalized aesthetics of Ballet to employ greater use of the torso as a component of flow and movement. Modern dance classes emphasize technique, placement, body alignment, and performance quality. Dancers explore basic principles of Modern movement, and develop the complex rhythmical structure of modern dance as they perform Modern choreography.

Modern Dance is a style that originally challenge Ballet as the most popular form of Western performance dance.  Subsequently, Contemporary Dance has become a popular and dominant performance style for formally trained dancers throughout the world.  It incorporates elements from Classical, Modern and Jazz styles. The training focuses on the strong and flexible leg work of Ballet - the use of the torso, floor work, fall and recovery techniques and improvisation from Modern Dance.



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Spring Term 2020, April 6th to June 27th, 2020 (12 weeks)


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